Mass Area Roof Light - NL648












As a major manufacturer of an exceptionally extensive range of thermoplastic roof lights NuLite offer a mass area ‘full-cover’ design, supply and installation service.

The Nulite wide selection of roof light shapes, sizes and materials provides designers with great scope for individual structural and aesthetic interpretaion.
The Nulite Modular Interlinking System permits standard roof lights, (in shapes which include pyramid& barrel vault etc.) to be combined in solving the problems of large area weather protection with maximum daylight transmission. A range of materials and colours adds further variation to the design potential, with the use of u/v protected polycarbonate and acylic as just a few examples of frequently specified materials.

* Maintenace & refurbishment projects are also undertaken.

* Available in single, twin or triple skin with insulated
upstands where required.



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