Electric Opener, with switch or remote & optional rain sensor/ thermostat - NL642









Main Features
Nulite can supply a simple 230 Volt system that allows power to acutate the vent when it is too hot or too cold with a switch or remote control that gives partially or fully opening, please contact our technical department for specific requirements.

Option (1) - ACK 42 - 230V Actuator & Switch, (without) integral reciever, Stroke length adjustable 100 to 400mm.
The ACK 42 has been specifically designed for use with heavy vents & windows, with a maximum load of 300N per actuator. The ACK has a rounded design, stainless steel double link chain and a manually adjustable stroke length form 100 - 400mm. This unit operates with a ventilator switch, wiring diagram provided.

Option (2) - ACI22/25 230V Actuator & Switch, (without) integral reciver, available in stroke sizes of 150mm & 250mm
The ACI22 Actuator, is a high quality slim line actuator for use with windows and roof vents, with a maximum load of 200N. The ACI incorporates a corrosion resistant steel chain & electronic safety cut off in the closed direction, for safety & ease of installation. This unit operates with a ventilation switch, all wiring diagrams provided.

Option (3) - ACI22/25 - RC Remote set. 230V, (with) integral receiver, standard stroke available 150mm or 250mm.
This option includes 1no RC10 - 2 Transmitter with an option for 1no Remote thermostat, 1no Rain sensor. The ACI22-RC has the same specification as the standard ACI actuator, but in addition has a inbuilt radio receiver, and is operated via a hand held remote. The unit has also been designed for ease of installation and can be directly plugged into a standard 230V domestic power point. In addition to the standard ACI22 a remote thermostat and rain sensor can be connected directly to the ACI/22-RC. The option is available for a similar system using a 24V actuator.

Option (4) - Comfort line automatic control & ACK 42 230V actuator(without) integral receiver.
This system includes: 1no Comfort-line control system (including) 1no remote thermostat, 1no rain sensor, 1no Comfort line remote transmitter. Combining the ACK42 230V actuator, and the comfort-line climate control system. will give you a stylish wall mounted control panel with LCD display and a range of functions for manual day to day control to fully automatic and remote options.

Size Options:
Most sizes are available from our standard range, however specific design requirements can be met to suit your needs.

Base Kerb can be adapted to accomodate most vent options from the standard range.

Cork or Pvc insulation can be fitted to the base kerb, as an option, to suit your requirements.

Fixing Details:
The kerb is supplied fully assembled ready for fitment to roof structures, the kerb should be bolted to the opening frame, sealer washers, caps and roofing bolts with nuts are supplied as standard for this purpose

Cleaning / Maintenance:

Cleaning - Thermoformed roof lights should be washed down with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use abrasives.

Maintenance - Annually check mechanical components, and lubricate where necessary, acutate components.

Ladder Access:
Various sizes & types of access ladder access available, please contact our technical department.

Points to check prior to advising us of your requirements:
When placing an enquiry / order please be sure to note the roof opening size, and where possible, the width of the upstand kerb.

Impact Test Certification:
We have had our roof lights with either a PVC or steel upstand tested by B.R.E, full details on the test report are avilable on request


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