Monopitch Sliding Rooflight - NL639




















All Units come complete with electrical 24DC (or 240 Volt) motors, control pannel, rain sensore, day to day switch and B/S standard white powder coating.

Size options:
Many different sizes and combinations are available to meet with yuor requirements. Please speak with our technical team for furhter information.

The base kerb can be adapted to incorperate a selection of vent options.

PVC foan insulation is fiited between the vertical twin skin metal upstand, various class specifications are available to choose from.

Glazing Options:
Thermoformed rooflights - Single, Twin or Triple skin applications from our standard range, 3mm U/V protected outer skin / 3mm thick inner skin. Comes with a manufacturers discolouration and impact resistance guarantees. Glass - Most applications can be incorporated.

Fixing Details:
The kerb is supplied fully assembled ready for fitment to roof structures, the kerb should be fixed at the corners then 300mm centres. Thermoformed Roof lights - Are supplied separately to kerb and should be bolted to the opening frame, sealer washers, caps and roofing bolts with nuts are supplied as standard for this purpose. Glass - Applications will be pre-glazed unless size does not permit.

Cleaning / Maintenance:

Cleaning - Glass and Thermoformed roof lights should be washed down with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use abrasives.

Maintenance - Annually visual check only.

Other options available:
This unit can be supplied in an ‘Adaptor kerb profile’ or direct to roof.

Points to check prior to advising us of your requirements:
When placing an enquiry/ order please be sure to note the roof opening size , and where possible the width of the upstand kerb.

Delivery Period: 8 to 10 weeks


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