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The Innovative Flexi-Tube incorporates a highly reflective inner surface that transmits most of the light entering the discreet polycarbonate roof dome to the ceiling diffuser Continuous development ensures products take advantange of the latest production techniques and materials, achieving the highest standards in weathering, durability and appearance. A ten year manufacturer’s certificate is issued with each sky tube to guarrantee against manufacturing defects, rust, corrosion & weather deterioration of the main components. A design guide, cad drawing disc and work sheets are all available as your project progresses.

A Sky Tube is usually installed in about two hours and there’s no need for costly framing, dry lining, painting or ceiling re-texturing. There are models for tile, slate or flat roofs. The ST350 model fits between 16 inch (400mm) frame centres whilst the ST400, ST500 & ST550 fit between 24inch (600mm) centres. Other roof types such a corrugated metal deck can be catered for, call helpline giving below for further information.

Best fitted on a south facing roof, the Sky Tunnel directs light to where it’s needed, be it a windowless room, dark corridoor or north facing room. In addition standard units can be configured at act as trickle ventilators. The Sky Tunnel ceiling diffuser panel can be installed to provide an intense spotlight effect or a more diffused light that covers a large area.

Model - Application
ST350 - Dark en-suit bathrooms, WC’s & walk-in robes.
ST400 - Larger windowless bathrooms, hallways & landings.
ST500 - & ST550 Lounges, dinning areas, kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms,
large interiors & offices.

Position & Orientation:
Please take into account the following parameters before selecting the model required.

To optimise transmission of available daylight, the dome assembly is best positioned on a South facing roof that is not overshadowed by tall buildings or large trees.

The location of the dome should be as near as possible to the ceiling diffuser.

The dome assembly should be installed as high as possible on the roof.

Avoid too many tight bends in the flexi-tube as this will effect efficient light transmission. Ideally the flexi-tube should be configured as shown in the photo above.

When deciding the exact location, it is important to check the position of rafters, roof supporting struts & joists. Rafters or joists may require modification with structural grade timber. The 350 model fits between 400mm rafter centres, whilst the 400, 500 & 550 models fit between 600mm centres.

Check if there are any obstructions in the attic such as water tanks, central heating header tanks, pipe work and electrical wiring.

Sky Tube is designed to efficiently pipe daylight into a..
Windowless room or dark corridoor where the dome/ window is ideally located on a south facing roof.

Dark North facing interior where the dome/ window is ideally located on a South facing roof.

Windowless room or dark corridoor where the dome / window is located on a North, East or West facing roof. In these applications it may be necessary to fit a larger model than shown in the above table. please call our Technical department for further advice.

Please note, installing the dome / window in a North facing roof to provide additional daylight in a North facing room that has large windows or patio doors, has very little effect on overall illumination.


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