Safe Light- NL618








Ventilated Kerbs

NuLites new Safe Light is a simple robust product that is made from impact resistant materials that will allow access without distruction and is designed so fabrication can be flexible to suit a wide range of sizes and applications, our component details and fixing locations give clear security details.

Size Option:
Most sizes are available from our standard range, however specific design requirements can be met to suit your needs. Positioning of the bars within the depth of the kerb or removable bars if required, cross centres can also be adjusted as required.

Glazing Options:
Thermoformed rooflights - Single, Twin or Triple skin applications from our standard range, 3mm U/V protected outer skin / 3mm thick inner skin. Comes with a manufacturers discolouration and impact resistance guarantees.

Fixing Details:
The kerb is supplied fully assembled ready for fitment to roof structures, the kerb should be fixed at 300mm centres.
Thermoformed Rooflights - Are supplied seperately to kerb, and should be bolted to the opening frame - sealer washers, caps & roofing bolts with nuts are supplied as standard for this purpose.
Glass - Applications will be riveted or security bolted as required.

Cleaning/ Maintenance:
Cleaning - Rooflights should be washed down with mild detergent and warm water. Do not use abrasives.
Maintenance - Visual check only.

Other options available:
This unit can be supplied in an ‘Adaptor kerb profile’ (see data sheet)
Anti Burglar and Security options, such as Burglar bars and security fixings are avilable on request.

Points to check prior to advising us of your requirements:
When placing as enquiry / order please be sure to note the roof opening size, and where possible, the width of the upstand kerb.

Impact Test Certification:
At the request of NuLite Ltd, B.R.E tested various size samples of Domed roof lights with either a PVC or Steel upstand kerb, The test assesses the fragility of the specimen roof light when subjected to an impact by a large soft body as in the standard ACR(m) 001:2000(full details on the test report are avilable on request)


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