1 Hour Fire Light - NL604C









Size Options:
From 600mm x 600mm to 1390mm x 1390mm roof opening size.

Not available with this product.

Glazing Options:
Colour options are available.

Glass U Value 3.2. To improve U Value to 1.8, a 6.454 soft coat outer skin can be used with the argon filled.

All units must be fitted in a in accordance with the Test Report details.
Installation on supply only option is available.

Cleaning / Maintenance:
Cleaning - Thermoformed roof lights should be washed down with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use abrasives.

Maintenance - Annually check mechanical components, and lubricate where necessary, actuating components.

Test Procedure:
An ad-hoc fire resistant test adopting the appropriate procedures and criteria of B.S. 476: Part 20: 1987 on NuLite Ltd NL604(C) Fire Resistant Roof Light glazed with a Pilkington fire resistant insulating glass unit.
The test, carried out on the 7th November 2005 using the BRE large-scale horizontally orientated furnace, employed the furnace heating conditions, appropriate procedures and criteria of B.S. 476 : Part20 : 1987. The ambient temperature at the start of the test was 15 degrees Celsius. The test was witnessed by Mr Brian Pye and Mr Peter Gilbert representing Pilkington glass, and Mr Bill Harris representing NuLite Ltd.
Furnace Control:
The furnace temperature was measured using six, bare wire chromel/alumel thermocouples positioned symmetrically in the furnace with their measuring junctions nominally 100mm below the soffit of the floor construction. The furnace was controlled so that the six readings followed the time/temperature relationship specified in B.S. 476 : Part20 : 1987.

Specimen temperature
The temperature of the rooflight was measured by means of eleven thermocouples of the type specified in B.S. 476 : Part20 : 1987. the thermocouples were positioned as described on the full test report.

Test Summary:
A NuLite NL604C Fire resistant rooflight with a Pilkington glass system and mounted over an aperture, nominally 1370mm x 1370mm, in a 150mm thick reinforced aerated concrete floor, submitted to an ad-hoc fire resistant test of 81 min duration on the 7th of November 2006. In the test, the heating conditions and the appropriate procedures and criteria of British Standard 476 : Part 20 : 1987 were used.

The rooflight comprised a frame with a kerb fabricated from mild steel, along the opposite edge; the frame had a flange around it's perimetre and was glazed with a Pilkington fire resistant insulation Glass.

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