Smoke Vent - NL604A







This motor also allows controlled opening & closing for ventilation, can also be operated by a manual back up, via accessories and a control panel, see datasheet NL604B

Size Options:
Most sizes are available from our standard range, however specific design requirements can be met to suit your needs.

Base Kerb can be adapted to accomodate most vent options from the standard range.

Cork or Pvc insulation can be fitted to the base kerb, as an option, to suit your requirements.

Glazing Options:
Thermoformed rooflights - Single, Twin or Triple skin applications from our standard range, 3mm U/V protected outer skin / 3mm thick inner skin. Comes with a manufacturers discolouration and impact resistance guarantees.
Glass - Most applications can be incorporated, but in the main, georgian wire is specified.

Fixing Details:
The kerb is supplied fully assembled ready for fitment to roof structures, the kerb should be fixed at the corners then 300mm centres. Thermoformed Roof lights - Are supplied separately to kerb and should be bolted to the opening frame, sealer washers, caps and roofing bolts with nuts are supplied as standard for this purpose. Glass - Applications will be riveted or security bolted as required.

Cleaning / Maintenance:

Cleaning - Thermoformed roof lights should be washed down with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use abrasives.

Maintenance - Annually check mechanical components, and lubricate where necessary, acutate components

Other options available:
This unit can be supplied in an ‘Adaptor kerb profile’ (see data sheet)
Security fixings can be supplied in place of roofing bolts.

Points to check prior to advising us of your requirements:
Do you have a 24V DC power supply and controls? If not you may need a AOV kit, see datasheet NL604B. If you intend to incoperate the vent into a fire alarm system. check what provision there is to facilitate this. in certain circumstances, the free area of the vent required for smoke extraction needs to be calculated, if in doubt you should speak to your fire officer.

This vent will need to be given power from a suitable control panel, or building management system to be considered as an 'AOV' or 'OV'. Numerous accessories are available, break glass control, switches and control panels, see our electrical compo.




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