Smoke Vent Controls - NL604A








230 volt AC Systems for NL604 units

Control Panels only required
for Smoke & Rain Sensor.

* Small size (142 x 88 x 34mm)
* 5 amp Actuator motor load.
* Simple set-up-LCD display.
* Manual open & close switch.
* Auto open & close (temperature based) (addition).
* Auto close on rain detection (addition).

1 Zone 230v AC 5A actuator control panel
(complete with rain sensor & thermostat)

Main Features:
Nulite can supply a simple single zone mains voltage control panel, that allows power to the actuators that power the vent when it is too hot, or too cold, in-built switch for partial or fully opening and closing. The rain sensor will fully close the vents in automatic and manual modes.

Dimension & cabling requirements:
Control Panel - must be wired to isolated 5A fused spur. Rain Sensor - (plus bracket) wired in 3 core unscreened cable. Thermostat - wired in 4 core unscreened cable. ( Sizes may alter depending on requirements)

The main unit is designed to be sub-surface or surface mounted into a standard socket back box of a minimum depth 40mm.

Ordering Details:

Part No.
Control panel 5A complete with rain & temperature sensor.
(Optional) Radio frequency remote control fob
(Optional) Polished brass front plate.

Important Note:
This control panel has a Time-out function such that it will not apply power to the load in either open & close modes for more than 70 seconds. Therefore it is not suitable for use with acuators which require more than 70 seconds to fully open & close.

24Volt DC Systems:
Nulite can provide vents for the purpose of smoke ventilation. we can provide vents with magnetic catches and gas springs for automatic release. We can also provide power open and close electric actuators for opening vents and automatic opening vents.

*Your requirements may only need certain Controls and Accessories.
* Wiring diagrams supplied with all systems,
* full bespoke larger systems avaliable.
Please contact our technical department for further details


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