Polycarbonate - NL505

General Information:
Various thicknesses and colour of polycarbonate are available for your choice, however in most instances 3mm thick material is used for roof lights in a single, twin or triple application, with the most popular choices of colour is clear, clear patterned, opal or bronze.

Most Polycarbonates come with a manufactures Impact and discolouration guarantee of 10 years depleting each year and certification or warrantee from them can be shown If required, polycarbonate is classed as a none fragile material and there for mainly used on roof applications and is considered to be as much as 200 times stronger than glass.

Fire Resistant:
Technical information or fire testing is available on request from our suppliers, but is currently stated as fire resistant to BS 476 PT7 Class 0, BS476 PT3 Class AA.

Technical Information:

Light Transmission: Clear 80% - Clear Patterned 75% - Opal 48% - Bronze 50%

Solar energy - light - Bronze 55%

Solar energy - Anti-glare - Bronze 67%

Surface temperature: 120 c

Thermal Insulation: Single skin 5.2 - Twin skin 2.6 - Triple skin 1.9
(Value w/m2/oc)

Acoustic Properties 3mm polycarbonate: BS6262 mean sound reduction (Eg. Twin skin 6.29.6 = 31Hz

Polycarbonate weight per metre sq: Single skin 3.6 kg - Twin skin 7.2 kg - triple skin 10.8 kg


Single skin - Is mainly used in exterior or well ventilated areas where condensation is not as issue or where ventilation circulation will not allow condensation to build up on the inner skin.

Twin skin - Is used in most applications except areas where a very high level of steam and vapour is constantly occurring.

Triple skin - Is mainly used for additional Thermal Insulation.

Clear - Is mainly used where clients require the maximum clarity, plycarbonate material can give or in instances where observing the sky conditions are required.

Clear Patterned - This is the most popular application and allows almost the same transparency as clear but gives resistance against direct glare by diffusing the sun light , allows privacy and security for on lookers and has more resistance to visual marks and scratches, etc. should they occur they are hardly noticeable. This type of finish has a very pleasant external appearance and is well received by all of our clients.

Opal - This material is mostly used when solar gain and glare reduction is a main issue, however this material gives a very pleasant light internally and whilst light transmission is reduced by as much as 48% visually inside it is seems a lot less.

Cleaning & Maintenance:
Polycarbonate should be washed down with a mild detergent and warm water, do not use abrasives, polishes and restoration cleaners.

Restoring Optical Clarity:
This can be a cost effective option on projects where yellowing has occurred, we are able to restore clarity as much as 75%, however maintenance cleaning will be required to keep clarity levels.




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