Glass - NL503

Many Types of glass are available from various suppliers in the UK, Nulite are able to help access the best specification for your needs where characteristics have to be taken into consideration, such as light transmission, reflectivity, shading coefficients and where required fire resistance. Glass Sizes available: This depends on the specification, please speak with our Technical Department for further assistance.

Many shapes and sizes can also be considered as well as patterned surfaces and colours.

General Information:
For most applications glazing on an incline would be Toughened double glazed units, with laminated ‘K’ inner and toughened outer, to comply with current legislation, except where the glass needs to be load baring or fire resistant. Each specification has been designed to give a choice to suit performance and cost effectiveness.

Glass Thickness:
Dependant on size of unit and the application for installation.

Document ‘L’:
Specific information is available as our Data Sheet NL500, however a value of no
higher than 2.2 is generally required.

* All glass units are manufactured to British Standards.

The weight can be supplied on application, although the following applies: 6.4mm Laminated ‘k’ inner, 6mm toughened outer = 30 kg per sq meter.

Alternative glass specification:
Bronze, Grey, Green or Blue, Body Tint or Antisun

Specialised coated glass is available to reduce solar glare, ultraviolet rays as well as self cleaning, providing an effective life time of 7-10 years.

Fire Rated Glass:
1/2 hour & 1 hour Fire rated glass can be supplied, please contact our technical department for further details. Or see our datasheets on fire resistant skylights.

Delivery periods:
Standard: 3-4 weeks
None standard: 3-6 weeks, however we can advise specifically on each job.



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