Circular Dome - NL304








Standard Sizes:

Size Options:
All Sizes can be accommodated with the bridging mould unit, for alternative options and additions, please see our upstand kerb units that can also be modified to suit your requirements.

Thermoformed from 3mm thick polycarbonate sheet and available as single, twin or triple skin units, our roof lights benefit from high impact resistance and long life, due to the UV protective coating applied to the outer skin during sheet manufacture. A wide range of colour and transparency options are available to suit the majority of applications, the most commonly supplied to our clients being clear, clear patterned or opal, please contact our technical staff if you require colour samples or information on additional colour options.

Technical Information:

Impact & Breakage resistance: No breakage within limits of test.

Light Transmission values (approx): Clear - 80% Opal - 48%
Clear Patterned - 80% Bronze - 50%

Thermal insulation values (W/m2/oc) Single skin - 5.2 Twin skin - 2.5
Triple skin - 1.9

Solar energy and anti glare: light 55% Anti glare 67%

Fire resistance: BS476pt 7 class O BS476 pt3 class AA

Acoustic properties: BS6262 - mean sound reduction -
Twin skin polycarbonate 6/29/6-31 Hz

Cleaning / Maintenance:
Cleaning - Thermoformed roof lights should be washed down with a mild detergent and warm water.
Do not use abrasives.

Maintenance - Annually check mechanical components, and lubricate where necessary, actuating components.

Points to check prior to advising us of your requirements:
Consideration should be given to privacy, security, solar gain and anti glare when defining your specific requirements, samples of materials are available on request and our technical staff are on hand to advise as necessary.

Impact Test Certification:
At the request of NuLite, B.R.E. tested various sized sample Dome roof lights with either a PVC or steel upstand kerb, the test assesses the fragility of the specimen roof lights when subjected to an impact by a large soft body as in the standard ACR(m)001:2000 (full details on the test are available on request).

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