NuLite Installation Guide

Let natural light into your home in just 10 easy steps!

Natural light is very refreshing. Any skilled DIY enthusiast can istall a Dome skylight in ten easy steps. Your carport, garage, extension, conservatory, bathroom, kitchen or any other dark space beneath a flat roof that needs an injection of daylight, will come alive.

Natural light makes for a pleasent living.


STEP 1 - Measuring and marking up:
Determine from inside where the Dome skylight is to be installed. From inside, hammer in long nails or drill holes at the corners of the Dome skylight. these will be reference points when working on the roof. Measure both diagonals, once these are equal you can safely assume that all corners are right angles.



STEP 2 - Support the roof structure:
Insert props on both sides of the opening that is to be made. Any rafters that may be in the way can be sawn away without any problem.





Step 3 - Sawing out the opening:
Using a craft knife, cut into the roof covering one centimetre outside the lines that mark the opening. Drill a hole in order to make a start and then use a jigsaw to cut along the lines that make up the opening. Before you start, screw on a plank along the marked lines, so as to prevent you from cutting out of line.



Step 4 - Sawing rafters:
Any rafters that are in the way can be cut away using a hand saw or reciprocating saw. Loose ends can be tied in by means of headers. These are cross - members that link one rafter to another, thereby making the construction more sturdy.




Step 5 - Fitting of supporting structure:
first screw on the headers onto the existing rafters. The header plank is then screwed firmly onto these. The ends of the existing rafters themselves must also be screwed onto the header plank. Then attach a second plank so that what remains is a hole the size of the skylight. The remaining sides of the hole can be finished off later with your own choice of material.



Step 6 - Applying sealant:
A layer of sealant is needed beneath the skylight fitting. Depending upon the roofing material used, this may be a sealant or waterproof cement, a cold glue, or a hard bitumen. Apply the sealant to the underside of the frame and around the hole.




Step 7 - Fixing in:
The frame can be replaced over the roof opening then be screwed to the substrate material.






Step 8 - Refitting roofing material:
this should be carried out in accordance with the regulations laid down by the roofing supplied as this step depends heavily upon the type of roofing material used. We are also able to provide various resin and liquid plastic sealing kits, that can be used in most applications, please ask for details.



Step 9 - Fitting the dome:
Install the Dome on top of the frame, using the screws supplied.





Step 10 - Finishing off:
then click the cover over the bolt, safety fixings are available upon request.





The Final Result

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